The importance of web design for SEO

Posted by Don C. on November 25, 2015
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If you analyze your own site considering usability, remember that simplicity and intuitive design are integral to a successful bid. Be creative in terms of navigation, for example, you may feel as if adding style and personality, but, if it is confusing to users and search engine robots, that strategy just will not thrive.

These days, the strategy of “less is more” is also proving fruitful. It used to be that a large number of content categories provided more opportunities to search and keyword variations. However, this is changing, and smart SEO professionals are recommending a structure more flexible and focused site.

If you are looking to improve a site you already have, here’s SEO Greece Ioanna Vaiou provides tips to determine how the layout of each page must be analyzed. Watch your bounce rates, and compare them with the keywords that are most applicable. If you find that there is a lot of traffic channeled keywords that just do not seem relevant to the page, you have discovered a problem. His work in these cases is to adapt the content of each page to match the interest of incoming traffic. Master the process of giving the people what they want, and will surely improve your SEO.

Whatever the trend of design choice, learn about the challenges and benefits of SEO as early in the process as possible. If your site has already started and is working backward, use the bounce rate strategy as a first step for SEO domination. As long as you have a clear view of your site serves, you can improve the overall experience.

Finally, there is the controversial option of HTML5. Often billed as the next big step in the development, HTML5 is the obstacle that can be a beast to program properly. Versatility is one of your strengths, and if you need complex functionality, HTML5 can handle it. The trick of this from the point of view SEO involves JavaScript, which is necessary for many of the flashing features. Google and other search engines often have problems with this type of content, meaning that their content is essentially unreadable. The solution, in case you opt for taking the time and effort to create a static version of the contents of JavaScript as well. That gives users the option of fabulous entertainment, and search engines can access too. Ultimately, HTML5 somehow requires us to have the same content 2 times, one for the user’s view and one for the search engines … in places that require constant aggregates content is not the best choice if seen from this view.

From the SEO point of view, however, Parallax has serious problems. You will find it much harder to qualify for a variety of keyword phrases, and with just a single page or a compact site, there is much less for Google to evaluate and track. That said, if you enter a type Parallax strategy on a site that contains multiple pages, you can actually have the best of both worlds. The big disadvantage of Parallax is not adequately shown on mobile devices and to be a single page, your cargo can take too long.