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reality capture 3D Socrates: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” In a race toward infinity, no-one ever gets any closer than anyone else; in the race toward Infinite Knowledge, no-one knows more than anyone else — putting together all of the collective knowledge of the entirety of the whole history of the human race is still “nothing” in comparison to ALL. Everyone has their own area of interest and their own specialty, which is the result of any typical career; this leaves people only focusing on their one little area — almost no-one ever looks up from their tiny little area of focus (know your place) to see the whole picture of what is actually going on around them and in the world. Helen Keller: “The heart has eyes of which the brain knows nothing.” If you speak to blind people, who are very well adapted to their condition, they will tell you that the eyes are certainly not the only part of the body that sees. The reason that people can “see” with their hands or other parts of the body is because there are actual visual sensors in other parts of the body, just like in the eyes. What can be “seen” with these other parts of the body, though, is certainly in no way anything like what we see with our eyes. This type of seeing is described more like “black smoke” or “black water”, which sounds very similar to the All-Knowing brilliant darkness of All Possibility. The reason there are visual sensors in other parts of the body is because the body is a hologram. Every part of a hologram is a smaller version of the whole hologram; therefore, visual sensors must be in all parts of the body — you do not need eyes to “see”, because: “The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.” – unknown. “Oh — I see!

Imagine what an amazingly advanced digital virtual reality might be like: have you ever seen the holodeck from Star Trek? One level of our reality is digital, christmas projector and this is why numbers are so important; it is because digital holograms require the use of numbers. Reality is a construct going through waveform to digital to holographic, and this is why numbers are so fundamentally important in this place we are in. You can learn everything there is, read all the books in the library, and sit in front of every teacher the world has ever known; you will never access the kind of knowledge you will encounter during the silent meditation into the dark stillness of All Possibility, which is waiting — gently waiting — to be manifested into experienced reality. The Fibonacci Sequence can be found throughout nature; everything consists of the Fibonacci Sequence. A near-death experience: “Everything from the beginning, my birth, my ancestors, my children, my wife, everything comes together simultaneously. I saw everything about me, and about everyone who was around me. I saw everything they were thinking now, what they thought then, what was happening before, what was happening now. There is no time, there is no sequence of events, no such thing as limitation, of distance, of period, of time, of place. I could be anywhere I wanted to be simultaneously.” The Control System doesn’t want us to think like that though, they are doing everything they can to keep us from realizing what we really are.

Every week our Holiday Hero Neil Simpson takes an in-depth look at a brilliant holiday topic, doing all the legwork so you don’t have to. Create a relevant atmosphere of warm orange autumn holiday mysterious and spooky time. What if we are looking at the “projector” every time we look up at the sky? Despite its high price tag and being a Verizon exclusive in the US, the Edge Plus is still a premium 5G smartphone worth looking into. It’s a set screen size, and will offer the likes of 4K resolution or HDR at a cheaper price point than a projector. From the material use, pattern on the body, size, and function, it serves many people well. Where the two beams collide, an interference pattern is achieved and then captured as an image; when another laser is fired at the image, the hologram is projected. This is why we have listed this as the best budget friendly line laser level. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. There are a lot of people who know a lot about one thing; there are few people who know a little about a lot of different things.

This is an instant festive classic if ever there were one so I couldn’t wait to take a look at it. Or wait until the lights are extinguished and take a Spooky Tour – for over-12s. The floating lights are powered inductively, so there are no visible wires (except for the wall outlet that plugs into the base). Color – One of the biggest decisions is choosing between white, warm white and colored lights. One favorite location of night photographers is on the roadside of a busy street. It’s no one’s favorite job, and it gets tricky when you have to find stuff to tie your light nets too. More recent iterations of the comic had him clad in a suit and tie costume.

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